What is Cycles by TradeSmith?

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Cycles by TradeSmith is a web-based application that empowers individual investors with market time-cycle analysis.

Our cycles are 100% math-based.

The goal with Cycles by TradeSmith is to help you time where the market may be going. That means finding the likely topping areas and bottoming areas for the market.

We won’t place any trades for you. Instead, we provide you with the analysis to get forward-looking insights into the markets, individual stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, plus more!


  • Markets – gives you insights into where major market players may be going. Included here, you will find major U.S. and international markets along with sector ETFs.
  • Stocks – here you’ll find the stocks that are the most liquid, have the highest volume, and make the most headlines. These stocks also tend to move the markets.
  • Commodities – find the most popular commodities and where they may be going.
  • Cryptos – analyze where the biggest names in crypto might be going.
  • Calendar – visualize where the markets, stocks, commodities, and cryptos may be moving.