The Cycles by TradeSmith Dashboard

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Cycles by TradeSmith has a dashboard to give you an overview of the cycles, trending tickers, recently updated cycles, and a help center.

You’ll find this Dashboard in the Dashboard option of the menu.

Cycles menu

The Dashboard is broken into several widgets.

  • Cycles Breakdown Chart
  • Trending Tickers
  • Recently Updated Cycles
  • Help Center

Let’s take a look at these widgets.

The Cycles Breakdown Chart will give you a pie chart to show you the percent of positions in a current top/bottom and upcoming top/bottom.

Cycles Breakdown Chart

You can change the data you see with the subheadings. In the example above, we are viewing all cycles. You can toggle between other options by simply selecting the topic of most interest to you.

Below the Cycles Breakdown Chart, you will find the recently updated cycles.

recently updated

You can click any of these tickers to be brought to the Position Card Page for that ticker.

Next up, we can look at Trending Tickers.

Trending tickers widget

Just like with the cycles, you can toggle between what you’d like to see — tickers trending up or trending down.

  • Trending Up: SSI trend is up, sentiment should be positive, and a medium level of conviction for a current bottom is needed
  • Trending Down: SSI trend is down, sentiment should be negative, and a medium level of conviction for a current top is needed

And, finally, the last widget is the Help Center.

Help Center widget

You can click any of these links to learn more about Cycles by TradeSmith.