Navigating Stocks in Cycles by TradeSmith

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The stocks section in Cycles by TradeSmith contains the stocks that are the most liquid, have high volumes, make the most headlines, and can have the most impact on the economy and markets.

The list of available stocks will appear on the left side of the screen.

We also show you if the ticker is currently in a bottom or top (colored in) or if it’s approaching a bottom or top (transparent). .

Once you’ve selected a ticker, its basic information will appear at the top of the screen. The top left corner will contain the ticker symbol. The top right corner is where we can have some fun.

stock overview

As you can see in the screenshot above, you’ll find the Latest Close, Health (SSI), SSI Trend, Risk (VQ), and Cycle. You can click those colorful boxes to see more information about the data.

The Cycles section will tell you the conviction level when you expand the box.

  • Low — one cycle agrees
  • Medium — two cycles agree
  • High — three cycles agree
  • Very High — four cycles agree

Note that LikeFolio is only available if you have a LikeFolio subscription.

Below this information, you’ll find the chart.

You can customize the chart for the information you’d like to see. To the left of the chart, you will find chart settings.

In the chart settings, you can toggle what appears on the chart. These are the chart options.

This interactive chart allows you to apply different indicators and see where they stand against our cycle model. 

The current available indicators are:

  • Cycles Tops and Bottoms: These are highlighted potential top/bottom areas showing time periods when more than one strong cycle turn areas are concentrated together. The more cycles that are concentrated in one time period, the stronger the conviction. To highlight these probabilities, we have provided a Conviction Level for each highlighted top or bottom.
  • Cycles: This line shows the strongest cycles combined into a single composite cycle line. This cycle line is meant to indicate only a possible direction and does not represent an actual price forecast. This trend line should be interpreted along with the Cycles Tops and Bottoms.
  • SSI Lines (SSI Yellow Zone, SSI Stop Loss, SSI Trend): These SSI Indicator Lines show the current momentum.
    • SSI Green: The momentum is positive.
    • SSI Yellow : The momentum has corrected below a recent high.
    • SSI Red: The price has hit the SSI Stop Loss and has corrected more than its VQ% below a recent high.
  • LikeFolio: The LikeFolio trend indicates bullish or bearish trends based purely on expected future consumer demand. If Likefolio indicates a bull trend in conjunction with a cycle bottom, this helps to confirm the odds of an upward trend. If Likefolio indicates a bear market in conjunction with a cycle top, this helps to confirm the odds of a downward trend.

Keep in mind that the Cycle is not an indication of future price.