Navigating Cycles by TradeSmith

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Navigating Cycles by TradeSmith is easy. It has five main sections to it. You’ll find these sections in the top purple menu bar.

Cycles by TradeSmith Menu

The active item you’re viewing will be highlighted with a lighter color purple. In the example above, we’re looking at Markets. To switch between any of these items, just click the menu item.

Throughout the site, you’ll notice hyperlinked ticker symbols.


Clicking these tickers will display the cycles chart. The active ticker you’re viewing will be highlighted in blue. In the example above, we are looking at Amazon.

You can customize the charts on the website for the information you’d like to see. To the left of the chart, you will find chart settings.

chart example

In the chart settings, you can toggle what appears on the chart. These are the chart options.

  • SSI Yellow Zone — see if the ticker is in a period of correction
  • SSI Stop Loss — find out if the ticker is stopped out
  • SSI Trend — which way is the SSI trending
  • Cycle — see if the cycle is pointing upwards or downwards
  • Cycle’s Tops and Bottoms — find out if a bottom or top is happening

Keep in mind that the Cycle is not an indication of future price.

The Calendar area shows you the future turn information for all the tickers we track in Cycles by TradeSmith.

conviction example

The general time frame for the calendar appears at the top of the screen. If you hover your mouse over the top or bottom indicators, we’ll show you the cycle conviction and the specific turn area dates.

By default, this calendar will look at an overview of 3 months.

3 month and 6 month views

You can change to a 6 month view. Just click the 6 months option. The time period you’re looking at will always be highlighted in purple.

In the upper-right corner of the program, you should see Help and your name.

help and name option

Clicking Help will open our Knowledge Base. Clicking your name lets you switch between other TradeSmith programs and log out.